Pop-up announcement


The module provides a pop-up announcements in the overlay which will appear for the site visitor on the first, second and fifth visit to the site (customizable).

You may create so much announcements, as You need and define where and when each from them will be appear.

Very useful solution for interaction and communication with site visitors. You may post announcement about conferences, great news, "Tip of day" system, information about coming site maintenance, new goods, sales and much more.


  • The announcements may be with html.
  • The announcements will appear on the overlay.
  • Announcements added to the site as a block - it make possible to use flexible visibility settings to define pages where announcement will appear.
  • On the configure page it is possible to define, on which visit the announcement will appear. By default on the first, second and fifth visit.
  • If interval between http requests is more than one hour, these are two different visits.
  • After 23 days records about visits become old and automatically are removed from the database.
  • Any count of separates blocks with announcements is available now. It is possible to define different visibility for every announcement - for example, for different parts of site.
  • Admin page for managing all announcements.
  • Ability to define time delay after which announcement would be visible was added.

Configure page



  • Only one announcement on one page.
  • Only one announcement to visitor during one visit.


  • Add button to erase all records about visitors - it will be useful if text of the announcement is changed and we need to show it for all visitors (even for those who have already seen it).
  • Add field on the configure page to define the time after which records about visits will be deleted.
  • Add field on the configure page to define the time after which next http request will be considered as a new visit.
  • Add button to display for visitors checkbox in announcement "Do not show this announcement for me again".
  • Make possible for user to edit announcement text with text editor.
  • Add support and list of themes for overlay.
  • Add support and list of animations for overlay.

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