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This module provides integration with Google reCAPTCHA service for protection site forms.
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This new service from Google opens new epoch in spam protection technology.

Even if the site has no comment (or similar) form - it is still necessary to protect!
Why? Because CAPTCHA protects login form (Your site has it, right?) and not allow bad guys to brute-force and use vulnerability like this:


Advantages over standard CAPTCHA:

  • During form creation and form submission special requests will be sent to Google servers - Your server will not spend resources for creating CAPTCHA widget or recognition is this spam or not.
  • This service provide advanced clever technology to recognize spam and this is permanent evolution.
  • This CAPTCHA is very easy for site visitors. In half cases it is enough just click "I'm not a robot"! :)

Advantages over others CAPTCHA modules:

  • Standalone module - no dependencies, no additional modules! This module provides only the needful functionality for integration and protection - nothing excess!
  • Uses latest version of Google CAPTCHA V2 API.

Not only spam protection:

  • Additional defence from brute-force - login form, password recovery form are protected by default!
  • This is not allow to spent server resources for further actions of spam requests - validation if submission good or bad is going before submit handler will be running.

Google reCAPTCHA will be appear in protected forms for all anonymous users. To define which forms must be protected You can on admin page:

Module support forms from Drupal core: login form, password recovery, create new user, comment, poll, contact. And forms which created through 'Webforms' module.
If You need support for something else - do not hesitate to create new issue on this page ;)

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I develop this module with keeping in mind these properties: Fast and Secure!
Site MUST be protected with modern technologies from server firewall to site forms!
Let's make life for bad guys more difficult! :))

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